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sometimes you see things and want others to see them too.
Thanks Covent Garden Tube Station 👍

Thanks Covent Garden Tube Station 👍

After 2 weeks of being left in the dark about the mysterious questions marks left around the house meant, @eppsy296 and @bgepps greeted me in London yesterday wearing these! A platter of gin, and vouchers to spend in The London Gin Club, plus some ‘Gin and Titonic’ boat shaped ice cube moulds to us

After 2 weeks of being left in the dark about the mysterious questions marks left around the house meant, @eppsy296 and @bgepps greeted me in London yesterday wearing these! A platter of gin, and vouchers to spend in The London Gin Club, plus some ‘Gin and Titonic’ boat shaped ice cube moulds to us

The best looking bill I’ve ever seen. #LondonGinClub

The best looking bill I’ve ever seen. #LondonGinClub

Another chapter is closing in la vie of Livvy (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it…I’m also French apparently…)

The past few weeks has been a whirlwind of alchohol and packing up boxes and and goodbyes and hello’s, consequently I’ve had no time to do a blog, so here’s a nifty reminder for future me of what’s gone on!

17th of May- I handed over my KentSnow Presidency to Martin, fellow KentSnow extraordinaire/boyf.

31st May- Saw Paolo Nutini LIVE with Benjo, Tommo and SoFlo. A lovely day out in Brighton where Pimms was consumed and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle keyrings were purchased.

1st June- CompleteD the Colour Run around Wembley Stadium! My first ever 5k run, completed in just under half an hour.

7th June- I took part in the English Language and Linguistics Undergraduate Conference where I presented my Dissertation findings- had wonderful feedback from both my supervisor and various other lecturers, so I’m super chuffed. Topped this night off with my final ever UKC Summer Ball, which consisted of no rain and no concussion, so an improvement on previous years.

18th June- I officially moved out of Cherry Drive after 2 years of using and abusing it as my university digs. 

And Here’s the big week:

24th June- Found out I’ll be graduating with a First in English Language in Linguistics after getting 72% in my dissertation. BOOM.

25th June- Doubley good news, got an interview for my dream dream job! Here’s to weeks of prep before the big day in a fortnight!

26th June- I TURNED 21. My day consisted of playing with Playdo and making gardens in roasting tins. Not out of choice, I was at work experience, but I am far from complaining.

27th June- We went to watch the cricket for Tommo’s birthday! Hampshire vs Surrey at the Oval, and needless to say copious amounts of cider and beer were consumed.

28th June- I was surprised with a visit from Alice and Sophie after a long long long period of not seeing my dear friends! We all went to West Wittering and were blessed with glorious sunshine to belatedly celebrate my 21st!


Summer Ballin’

Summer Ballin’

Productive day at work..

Productive day at work..

Doing it wrong.

Before you laugh at the fact I’ve put the words ‘doing it’ in the title (hehe, ‘doing it’), this blog is (for the most part) not about sex.

So 3 years is gone, the big U is almost over and done with and I’m packing up all my photos, textbooks and trinkets (including my extensive array of Kinder egg toys). But with packing comes extensive procrastination, and after a few hours of trolling the internet, I’ve come to a devastating conclusion:

I’ve been doing it wrong.

To re-iterate, I’ve not been doing that wrong…I don’t think. I’m pretty sure that that goes in there and that Disney music accompaniment is a big no-no (apparently).

No no, apparently I’ve been doing my teens completely wrong. After reading a plethora of literature (kind of) and credible articles (kind of) about the things I should know/should have achieved by the time I’m 21, I’ve decided to sum up why the internet thinks I’ve done my teens wrong, and how I simply can’t be a grown up without having learnt these valuable life lessons. I may also, on occasion, sum up why I think these are total crap. So without further ado, numero uno on the list of things the internet says I should do in the next 2 months before I become a failure at life:

Bitch slap someone.

A surprisingly popular entry. A number of sites suggest I should have, by this point, bitch slapped/argued/punched someone I hate. Sorry, internet, for not being a hate filled teenager from an episode of 90210.

Have sex with a stranger outside.

What if it’s not weather permitting? What if the stranger has cooties? What about wildlife? Spiders and woodlice stop for no one, especially people doin’ the do. Oh and the chlaymidia/AIDS/herpes sitch. But seriously, watch out for that wildlife.

Move on from teen pop.

'Currently listening to: McFly'

Screw you internet. 

Travel for 6 months or more.

Try telling that to someone who’s £980 in to their overdraft.   

Fall in love.

This is a tricky one. I hate be smooshy, but I have indeed found someone who has put up with my irrational fear of yogurt, and my not-so-secret undying love for Martin Freeman, long enough that we have exchanged the big L word (it was a close one, 19 single years on the planet and I was pulling off the ‘crazy cat lady’ look too well).

Before I say the next bit, I just want to clarify: love is top notch, it really is the dog’s nuts..but who is the internet to say I should’ve done it before I was 21? If I hadn’t have found love by the big 2-1, should I have destined myself for a lifetime of Come Dine With me re-runs and cat grooming? Whilst being with someone changes you somewhat, who’s to say the single version of me would be any worse? SCREW YOU INTERNET FOR DAMNING HYPOTHETICAL SINGLE LIVVY. 

Have my heart broken.

Does the time that Sainsbury’s ran out of creme eggs count?  

Find out ‘who I am’.

I feel like asking me to ‘know who I am’ by the time I’m 21 is a bit like eating a plate of food for the first time, and labelling yourself a vegetarian before you’ve tasted the sirloin steak. In the great grand scheme of things, I haven’t even had a taste of life yet. Everyone knows university isn’t real life, it’s a gin-fuelled whirlwind of dodgy kebabs and sticky nightclub floors. Give us a chance, internet!

And there we have it, a (by no means exhaustive) list of how I’ve done it all wrong thus far. I have 2 months to become an self-assured, rage filled, slutty naturist with a penchant for classical music. Wish me luck.

@amypitchforth you absolute star, I love you lots xxx

@amypitchforth you absolute star, I love you lots xxx

I have massively slacked on this blogging business in my third year. I’d love to say that it was work taking over, but in fact it was just about everything taking over. The last few months have been INSANELY BUSY, so unfortunately for whoever reads this (including future me…I know you don’t like reading long things, so have yourself a biscuit to make it all better) you’ve got a long haul ahead. I have narrowed it down massively, so let’s start chronologically.

In March alone we had 3 big events, all of which took a massive amount of prep but they most certainly paid off!

KentSnow’s first ever Varsity:

MONTHS of planning, head aches, money troubles, transport troubles, slope troubles and more storms than you can shake a stick at, all amounted to this one afternoon of competition in our first ever Varsity against CCCU. I am particularly proud of this one, we all worked so hard to pull it off and we won! Couldn’t be prouder, deffo one of my best club achievements thus far!

Extreme Sports Charity Ball:

We decided to expand on the Charity Ball from last year to include a few other extreme sports including C4 Snowsports, Kayak, Canoe and Mountaineering. With some amazing live music acts and Flugels flowing, this was a sick event! And over £1500 raised for DSUK!

Jen and Tom’s Wedding:

On the 22nd of March, my family and the other halves joined Jen and Tom at their wedding down in Cornwall. Needless to say, drinks flowed, wetsuits were worn, assets were frozen and bike rides were drenched in torrential downpours. But it was SUCH a nice break from everything and I am most definitely not ready to return to actual life.

Meanwhile, my diss has been coming along nicely. I got a job volunteering at a local school for kids with communication difficulties which I am SO excited for. The kids were so humbling and it was great to be in an environment I could potentially be working in in the future! I also have work experience in a language unit in Canterbury which should be swell and overall life is pretty damn cushty.

Peace and love amigos x